Site Specific/Devised Theatre

HERE – Site Specific/Devised Theatre


  • the specific site as a source of inspiration
  • its social and political history
  • the memories embedded in it and suggested by it
  • the traces or archaeology of its past
  • its present use by the public and by organizations and businesses
  • a series of potential relationships between viewer and viewed

HERE - Frostbites Festival 2018

Created by Kelly Wolf and Peter Riddihough

Projection design: Peter Riddihough

Performers: Amber Wood, Beekaa Abraham, Winnie Wu

Photo: Peter Riddihough


InSight - Frostbites Festival 2017

Created by Kelly Wolf, Richard Beaune, Lisa Emmons

Performers: Richard Beaune, Lisa Emmons, Cameron Buttrum, Mayumi Lashbrook, Kate Lowe, Eduardo DiMartino

Photo: Jan DiMartino


One Small Drop - Frostbites Festival 2016

Created by Kelly Wolf and Paula Grove

Performers: Kelly Wolf, Paula Grove

Photo: Dave Pijuan Nomura


One Small Drop - Workers Arts and Heritage Centre - Labour Day 2016

Performers: Kelly Wolf, Paula Grove, Violet Gould

Photo: Peter Riddihough


Quince Garden - Set and Costume Design

Theatre Humber

Directors: Karin Randoja and Ker Wells

Lighting Design: Flavia Hevia

Performers: Humber College 3rd year performance ensemble