Much Ado about Nothing – Costume Design, Theatre Calgary

Set & Costume Design

As a member of the Associated Designers of Canada, I adhere to a standard that you can depend on. This involves collaborative discussion between the director and theatre management to arrive at timely preliminary and final designs, and the execution and management of the delivery of the design.


Each project is an opportunity to investigate new way of looking a period in time or culture and to provide additional layers of understanding. In order to achieve this, my role as a set and costume designer is to:


  • Research the period and cultural details
  • Provide complete drafting, scale models and costume sketches
  • Provide sufficient information to allow the theatre to cost the design
  • Provide complete plot details concerning set changes and/or costume changes
  • Choose fabrics and accessories for the costumes
  • Choose architectural details, colours and textures for the set
  • Participate in rehearsals in order to understand how the performers will use the space, and the requirements of the costumes
  • Respond to the needs of the production and to the actors as they arise.
  • To be present at tech rehearsals
  • Remain fluid and flexible in the spirit of collaborative decision making while maintaining an overall vision of the physical space
  • Ultimately ensure that all previous planning is translated onto the stage while supporting the overall production.