Gr 4 Regional landform – inspired by Ted Harrison

Learning through the arts


Learning Through the Arts® (LTTA) is a proven transformative educational program that uses arts-based activities to teach the core curriculum by providing teachers with creative tools to engage all students in math, science, language arts, social studies, and more. LTTA brings specially trained artists, certified to help teach curricular requirements, into the classroom to work creatively in partnership with classroom teachers.


To each project, I bring the skills that I employ as a professional set and costume designer. Similar to process I follow to achieve a successful design, for each project I:


  • Engage in a collaborative discussion with the teacher about their needs
  • Research the curriculum topic
  • Explore a visual art intersection with the curriculum
  • Provide a lesson plan as a guide in collaboration with the teacher
  • Explore new art mediums to introduce to the teacher and their students
  • Actively involve the teacher in the delivery of the core curriculum and arts curriculum in a manner that sets the teacher at ease.
  • Respond to the needs of the classroom as they arise.
  • Ultimately ensure that the teacher and students come away from the project with increased knowledge and appreciation of the core curriculum and arts curriculum


LTTA evolved out of the premise that schools that encourage teachers to make learning and teaching participatory, active, and connected to the personal interests and learning style of each student are the most effective in achieving academic, social, and personal development in these students. Teachers, like students, also learn best through direct, hands-on experience.


Learning Through the Arts™ has the following goals:


  • To promote the academic, social, and emotional growth of students
  • To engage all children successfully in learning through participatory hands-on activities
  • To improve the academic achievement of all students
  • To provide teachers with a diverse array of instructional tools
  • To develop a strong sense of purpose and direction in every student
  • To promote creativity, problem solving, and teamwork
  • To provide opportunities for self-expression and self-discovery
  • To create a means to explore cultural, ethical, and social issues



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